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This can be especially problematic because if the client does not receive adequate treatment for the co-occurring disorder alongside the treatment for addiction, they are more likely to relapse once they’ve left the security of our substance abuse treatment facility.

Friendly Staff
When you first enter our drug addiction treatment center, you’ll begin by asking questions during a comprehensive intake interview. These questions will cover a wide variety of topics, including what your substance of choice might be and how you came to be involved in substance abuse to begin with. You may even stop to question whether or not all the questions you’re being asked are entirely relevant. Each question we ask you will be integral in ensuring that we can provide you with a customized care plan that takes into account all of your needs. No matter how you came to addiction, our intake interview is one of the first steps in getting free!
Thorough Interview
When you’re taking part in an addiction treatment program, it is of the utmost importance that you are honest throughout the entire process. You’ll want to endeavor not only to be honest with yourself, but with our staff members, as well. Honesty is integral because our staff needs accurate information in order to ensure that you’re getting the addiction recovery treatment you need. You’ll also want to be honest with yourself. If you’re going to successfully attain your recovery goals, you’ll want to ensure that you that you are being honest with yourself as well.
Customized Treatment Plan
At our substance abuse treatment center, we also want you to feel comfortable about any personal information that you might share during your time in our addiction recovery center. For that reason, all of our staff members understand how important it is to keep details about our clients confidential. You’ll never have to worry about whether or not your personal information will be kept private at our drug rehab center. We’re devoted to ensuring that we can preserve your security. We’re dedicated to serving the needs of our clients, so when you’re ready to get the care you need, get in touch.

Special Features

Daily Records
Everyone, even your fellow clients, will be aware if you are not fully dedicated to treatment or if you are still dealing with leftover denial. The peers you work with in group therapy won’t want to work with you and help you if they are not certain that their advice will be taken to heart.
Experienced Teams
No two people are alike, their addictions are never the same, and therefore their drug addiction treatments should never be identical. With the proper help and guidance, you can overcome your addiction and move on to a life full of happiness and fulfillment.
Medical Examination
If you or a loved one is addicted to drugs or alcohol, we know how you feel. Addiction is a brutal, debilitating chronic brain disease that requires the kind of structured, comprehensive, and personalized treatment only professionals like the ones at our drug rehab centers.
24 Hours Emergency
The only way we can help you get there is if you are completely open and honest with us. The employees at our addiction treatment center are fully dedicated to your treatment, but they expect you to be as well.
Support Groups
Having the most customized and caring treatment is the most important aspect to drug addiction recovery and will determine how successful your treatment is.
Top Level Ammenities
This requires complete and total honesty from everyone at our facility. Without full transparency, you will not be able to achieve the full recovery you need to make sure you are healthy and satisfied with your life.